Nordic Inn | Medieval Bed and Breakfast Bed and Breakfast and Interactive Dinner Theater


The Nordic Inn Medieval Bed and Breakfast has several rooms available. From rooms with a Jacuzzi for a romantic couple's getaway to rooms fit for fantasy and play for the kids, the Nordic Inn has something for everyone.

Odin's Loft

Even the most timid will feel like a true Viking in Odin's loft. Sleep in a King's bed nestled in a long ship among armor and weaponry. The King's room has lots of space and a large private Jacuzzi, but don't let the atmosphere overtake you. Pillaging is frowned upon in this quiet community unless you're interested in the local antique shops.

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The Jarl's Den

His suite offers wood/deer antler decor and a King size Viking bed. A large Jacuzzi, shower, easy access to Valhalla, Asgard and the Hoard complete the room. Once you stay at the Jarls Den you will soon see why it is fit for the likes of Eric the Red, or Harold Bluetooth.

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Freya's Boudoir

If Freya "The Goddess of Love" was more at home with frills and fluff, then this would be the bed and breakfast room for her. A Queen bed, private Jacuzzi and bidet would be enough for even Odin himself to succumb to.

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The LookOut

Placed in the bell tower of the church, this cozy pauper's room has some outstanding qualities for either a romantic bed and breakfast evening or a fantasy for the kids. The lookout uses a separate bathroom facility.

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The Locker Room

This room is dedicated to the Minnesota Vikings. The carpet is astro turf with yard markers and two double beds with goal posts as head boards. The bathroom has a two shower head locker room type facility to complete the decor. Packer fans beware!

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Welcome to Asgard; where a bar, games table, and cozy fireplace await you at our romantic bed and breakfast. Relax with the Rune Library where many books on Viking History await your calling, or sip drinks at our bar made entirely from one tree.

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